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These should all be in a separate post of their own, but I'm putting them all in one (otherwise why would I be writing this sentence?).  Click any of them to see more from each series.

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You may remember Sarah from this post.  This is her and her twin sister, Katie.





bonne année

Good to see you've all made it to yet another year.  I hope it's going well for you so far.  I thought I would take this time to give a short update, since the only other written post was the very first one.  A lot has changed since then.  First off, check out my physical change here.

Secondly, I'm not in community college anymore, if you hadn't noticed.  I'm actually about to finish my degree in Communication Design at Texas State University.  One more semester and two summer sessions to go.  It's been a long process.  Photography is still a huge passion of mine, but I am also very interested in graphic design and whatnot.  Plus, it gives me more to do, which may or may not be a good thing.

(And speaking of more things to do, if you or anyone you know needs/wants photo or design work, send them my way.  Especially if the project is music related.  I'm trying to build my portfolio.)

Third, I've started a website (and actually decided to keep this blog instead of starting a new one (because I'm clingy and have a hard time letting go)) which you can find here.

And lastly, I'm sort of in a band.  We haven't played any shows yet, but we have some recordings.  Check that out here.

Thank you all for being so kind in your comments and for even just following along in this crazy endeavor of mine.  Happy 2011!