hurricane ike

Has displaced my body, but not my spirit. Fortunately, it didn't displace my camera either, at least not from my body. I've only been to class four days this semester. Classes started three weeks ago. Needless to say, we weren't given an assignment for this week. I've been taking pictures, and here they are!

San Marcos_029
Bobcat pride + our beautiful raft

San Marcos_053
Case (hates this picture)

R.I.P. Blacky :(

Krina's house_002

Krina's house_013

Just click any of the pictures to view more. I got a lot of good pictures and met several new friends, but I chose to post as few as possible.

What I really want to know is: how did Ike effect you?


Week 1

1. black and white only
2. focus on composition

And as a general, over-all rule, no cropping or Photoshop. Maybe further on in the course, but not yet.


digiphotog week 1_001

digiphotog week 1_002

digiphotog week 1_005


turning the key, lifting the lid

You've found an old wooden chest in the attic, dusty and rotting, wearing thick layers of cobwebs. The key is in the lock. You turn the key, lift the lid, and a discovery is made...

Welcome to "from a chest in the attic," my photographic web log. Photoblog. You know. The posts that will follow this will be mostly photo posts (I can't guarantee I won't post other things), probably between three and five photos each post. It will be updated at least once a week. I am in a photography class in college and am given assignments weekly, so that's primarily what will be posted until the end of the semester. I'm hoping that this will build the habit and it will continue after that, seeing how photography is what I want to pursue as a career.

I am also usually a lot less formal and a lot more fun in my blog posts.

No, really.