Week 6 - final

Last week for assignments. Gotta find something else to do for the every other week of my life.

digiphotog week 6_002

digiphotog week 6_008

digiphotog week 6_010

digiphotog week 6_012

Those last three were taken while driving. Don't try that please. You might die. I totally used lomo-style rules. Shot without looking. Super high risk. Yeahhh.


deep in the chest

Hey guys. I didn't post anything last week because of the holidays, and I had something big planned for this week to make up for it, but I've been sick the past few days. So instead, here are some old pictures to look at. They're just some pictures that I like, but they aren't necessarily amazing. Hope you like.

Krina's house_005



July 4th 2007_023


tv head shoot 1_043

tv head shoot 2_051


we don't need a reason to party

Trace's 21st_003

Trace's 21st_009
Trace and Ariadna

Trace's 21st_013

Trace's 21st_021
Ariadna and Tasha*

Trace's 21st_023
Ariadna and Nick*

*Nick and Tasha are siblings. Now look at these pictures again. Creepy huh?


erase my name from this page

Pictures of Emery at the White Rabbit. I didn't really care for the pictures of the other bands. Or maybe I just like Emery too much. Yeah, that's probably it actually.




I imagine the face of God being like this




I usually post a few pictures and tell you to click on them if you want to see more, but let's face it, you're not going to click any pictures. That's why I posted more than usual, in case you were wondering. Were you wondering? Doubt it.



So, I realize it's been over two weeks since I've posted anything. We didn't have an assignment two weeks ago, and last week's assignment was just as vague as week five. Instead I decided I would post pictures from Halloween and the concert I went to, but I forgot to tell you guys before I went out of town, and I've been busy since I got back. Sorry.

Anyway, here are pictures from Halloween in San Marcos. I'll post some Emery pictures either tomorrow or sometime this weekend.

Halloween 2008_007

Halloween 2008_018

Halloween 2008_024

Halloween 2008_048

Halloween 2008_050

As always, click on the pictures to see more.

Now it's time to show off your Halloween photos!


Week 5

this week our assignment was "bring in interesting pictures"

how vague...

digiphotog week 5_013
It doesn't get much more interesting than this. (Okay, maybe it does, but look at my shadow! It looks like wings, or maybe a fish. Ha!)

digiphotog week 5_016
I dare you to climb up there in ten seconds. I can hardly believe I made it.

digiphotog week 5_017
I met this kitten while I was taking pictures. I've got better ones of him/her. You should look at them. It will make you sad that I couldn't keep her/him. :(

Gee. Life is weird. Hey, you know what? Every week you should show me your pictures that follow the assignment guidelines! And, unlike our class, I'll allow those pictures to be from any time. They can be from the week of the assignment, or from last year, or from the future(!).

So, where are your interesting photographs?


Week 4

1. b&w
2. pictures of our class partner

digiphotog week 4_008

digiphotog week 4_010

digiphotog week 4_017

I think we're only supposed to choose one for class, but for here I decided on these three. Her name is Xitlally, and she was hard to take pictures of. She's a good-looking girl and very photogenic, but also very shy. I had fun though, and I hope she had fun taking pictures of me.


Week 3

1. b&w
2. portraiture

digiphotog week 3_006

digiphotog week 3_009

digiphotog week 3_018

digiphotog week 3_022

I'm very sorry for the--once again--late post. I don't know who I'm apologizing to though. If you're out there, let me know you're reading! I'll try to get back to uploading before Wednesday. Until next week! May Jesus have mercy on us all.


Week 2

1. focus on light
2. preferably black and white, color if it works better

digiphotog week 2_006

digiphotog week 2_007

digiphotog week 2_019

And just for fun:

digiphotog week 2_021

Sorry for the late post. The good news is that I can tell you what to look forward to next week. We were told to just bring in three pictures of anything, but if we get stuck to work on portraits. I'll probably do portraits.