Week 5

this week our assignment was "bring in interesting pictures"

how vague...

digiphotog week 5_013
It doesn't get much more interesting than this. (Okay, maybe it does, but look at my shadow! It looks like wings, or maybe a fish. Ha!)

digiphotog week 5_016
I dare you to climb up there in ten seconds. I can hardly believe I made it.

digiphotog week 5_017
I met this kitten while I was taking pictures. I've got better ones of him/her. You should look at them. It will make you sad that I couldn't keep her/him. :(

Gee. Life is weird. Hey, you know what? Every week you should show me your pictures that follow the assignment guidelines! And, unlike our class, I'll allow those pictures to be from any time. They can be from the week of the assignment, or from last year, or from the future(!).

So, where are your interesting photographs?

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