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Pictures of Emery at the White Rabbit. I didn't really care for the pictures of the other bands. Or maybe I just like Emery too much. Yeah, that's probably it actually.




I imagine the face of God being like this




I usually post a few pictures and tell you to click on them if you want to see more, but let's face it, you're not going to click any pictures. That's why I posted more than usual, in case you were wondering. Were you wondering? Doubt it.


Amanda said...

dude, they let you bring in your SLR?

they totally cussed me out when i tried to bring mine. the security guy was a jerk.

maverick said...

I agree with Amanda, those guys are jerks. I mean, any jack can get in with his cell phone camera/video recorder, but those that want to take REAL pictures get the finger (more of less.)

I assume you took yours apart to get by security. Or knocked out the guy at the door.

Thanks to you, now I know what God looks like, and I'll never get the image out of my head.

thevictorio said...

Actually, no dis-assemblage was necessary. I even had my new flash attached, and I walked right in with it all around my neck. It was a pretty cool place. The guy I asked said they cared more about people bringing in switchblades than cameras, and that they would only stop me if the bands had requested no professional cameras. Most places I go they tell me the bands don't want pro cameras, but I have a hard time believing the bands I go see always tell venues that. But, then again, I don't know why the venue people would keep cameras out for no reason.