first film

I was going to post pictures from new year's after I got all situated from moving and all that, but I decided I don't really like any of those pictures. Instead, here are some pictures from my very first roll of film.







I really like film. :)

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maverick said...

I'm surprised at how amazing these have turned out. Now I understand fully why film can never be replace, it definitely is better than digital and their Megapixels.

I did notice those imperfections with your results though, not sure if it's during development or the set up of the film, but I don't doubt you noticed the "light lines" originating from the edges of a few of the pictures.

Still, these are awesome and I can't wait to see more. Next time we get a chance I need a photoshoot with you...maybe I'll pay you to do my headshots while I'm at it. n___n