In an attempt to live my life (inspired by Don Miller's attempt to make his "story" more interesting), I've begun saying "yes" to a lot of questions/offers/invitations, and I'm looking for things to do outside of my normal comforts. Last night I went contradancing in Austin; it's like bluegrass, partnered line dancing. It was so much fun! Everyone should try it. Tonight I will be going swing dancing. And I've decided to have a monthly dance (or any kind, really) party. So apparently living my life means dancing...a lot. But I will do other stuff too! I'm planning on doing a puppet show (hopefully) this semester. Anywho, sorry for all the recent uploads, but at least it beats nothing at all, right?

contradancing austin_016

contradancing austin_020
That's my friend Karen in the green pants. Thanks for inviting me, Karen!

contradancing austin_021
Everyone there was super nice. :)

contradancing austin_022

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