So in my advanced digital photo class we were given the assignment to create a book.  Mine is of a few of my favorite double exposures from this summer, which most of you will remember from the blog.  I made it available to the public in case any of you has the desire or even the money to buy one.  It's hardback and therefore pricey, so I don't really expect you to.  Here is a preview:

Also, our next project is to design a website for ourselves, so once that happens I will be moving the blog to that location and starting from scratch.  I will still post here for a while, but I do hope that you will follow me once I make the big move.  No idea what the url will be yet.  I'm open to suggestions if you have any!

Thanks for the support you have all given me.  It means a lot.


Melle said...

love the book. it was cool glancing through the pages, even if they weren't very big. but still. that is a really cool little website! I am tempted to make a book, just for kicks.

keep shooting, and I'm sure you'll be fine over on the new website.

Roosterruler said...

Flipping through a book on a blog (bug in a rug?) is satisfying.

Top-class work, dude, sir, mate, man.

thevictorio said...

Thanks for the supportive words! I really appreciate it.